Editing posts

I just wanted to get it out there that I’ll be doing near constant editing on posts sometimes, and the reason for this is that my meds have a habit of fogging things up, and I’m also literally an obsessive compulsive perfectionist regarding the strangest, littlest things.

I’ll also edit anything that, upon rereading, has information that might get me into trouble down the line. I’m not trying to project myself as a perfect individual living a perfect life, in fact the purpose of this blog is to work out the icky nuances of mental illness as it applies to someone striving to be functional, but the fact I’m new to this means that sometimes there will be overshare *shudder* until I’ve found a balance between that and useless vaguery, which is my default.

If you’re offended by this or feel that I’ve done anything dodgy, please feel free to comment on the appropriate page. I promise not to block or delete comments unless they’re spam or dox dropping.



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