Yesterday was my 26th and I celebrated quietly by heading off to Moosey’s (of course) and spending time with her and someone I haven’t seen in quite a while but vaguely remember from a long-ago camping adventure. It was time for some serious¬†asymmetrical¬†hair and ’80s makeups.


Unfortunately I turned into a big fat downer about halfway through doing crazy yoga karaoke and waxed melodramatic about personal items that usually stay in my brain (for good reason), completely embarrassing myself, and waking up the entire house upon returning home by mistaking Moosey’s phone charger for my tablet’s and taking it with me, forcing her to ring at 4am.

Haha I am just super.

Today was spent house sitting and nursing what I’m beginning to suspect is the latest flu strain that’s going around, and staring at my mother with a cartoon jaw-on-floor expression as she relayed to me how an adorable herd of pygmy goats escaped their pen near the highway and the jeep behind her wasn’t able to swerve in time.

R.I.P. adorable herd of pygmy goats.