Got my refills early, feeling good. Dad took me to the pharmacy, which is about a forty minute drive away, longer in the crazy rain we’ve had all day today, which gave us plenty of time to bullshit. I told him last night that I’m going back to school, that I’m going to be a psychologist (don’t act surprised) and minor in my other grand passion, art. MOST USEFUL EDUCATION EVER U GAYZ. We talked about that.

My dad has a long history on both sides of the law, more so with the Good Guys, and I have a great interest in criminal justice. We talk a lot about crime. Eventually we were discussing serial killer theories, the Zodiac’s possible naval history, how I don’t think there was a Jack the Ripper and how he thinks it was a doctor whose son married a prostitute and then killed himself. Somehow that turned into dad giving me a classic television line and me replying with another one, and then raunchy Bill Clinton jokes.

Sometimes you just need someone to be stupid with.