The Sandy Hook Post

I deleted the post about Sandy Hook “actors” because it was getting a lot of traffic and it occurred to me that some people who disagree with such kooky, liberal ideals like gun control might use the subject matter of this blog (namely, the mental health issue) for their paranoid crusade against the government.

The Sandy Hook Massacre wasn’t the worst mass shooting ever, not even this year in fact, but the fact that it involved small children makes it especially painful. When arguing with people over whether or not it actually happened leads to demanding autopsy photos of the victims, that’s when I throw up my hands and say “fuck it”- or, rather, “fuck you”.

If you don’t believe it happened, fine, that’s up to you. If you don’t believe it happened and become a caricatureĀ of the worst the internet has to offer in search of the truth, you’re being an asshole because what if you’re wrong? What if you’re wrong and every keystroke is a dagger in the heart of a mourning parent, sibling, classmate?


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